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FIO - Florida Insurance Organization Inc
Instructions how to
becoming an agent with FIO

Go to  and click on become an agent. You
will get via email the Independent Broker Agreement, then print, review and sign agreement. To complete your contracting process we need copies of your Driver's License, State Insurance License and AHIP Certification.  
Please send to">
or fax it over to our Secure Fax    407-982-7193

AHIP Certification

AHIP website for certification is  <>

The cost is $149.99 for the course and it consists of 5 modules of Medicare
information and a test with 50 questions.  When you complete this training
be sure to print a copy of the certificate of completion.  Please send a
copy to">" or fax it over to our Secure Fax 407-982-7193.  Completing the AHIP certification will allow you to
bypass all the individual company Medicare Training and allow you to go
directly to their individual product training and testing.


WellCare will email you a link with the contracting information. WellCare
has teamed with AHIP to submit your AHIP Certificate through their custom
Log into the site using your AHIP username and password. It will ask for
your WellCare University ID then click to submit to update your profile and
AHIP will send it to WellCare automatically.

Freedom / Optimum

1.      All agents may now go to  <>  to begin Medicare General Certification. If you
have an AHIP or GORMAN certification in hand, may bypass the Medicare
General Certification.  The certificate is required at the time you bypass
so please fax the certificate to 813-506-6180 or e-mail it to
fernando@floridainsuranceorg.comor fax it over to our Secure
Fax 407-982-7193  prior to testing.

2.      New Agents login to
<>, then click "REGISTER"
and enter your Agency ID provided by your FMO (0259 CFLMG), create your
profile and Start to Certify!

3.      Existing Agents login to
<>  USER ID will
normally be your License ID.  If you forgot your password, click "forgot
password" to reset.

NEED ASSISTANCE? - Call Agent Services at 1-877-877-0539 8AM - 8PM  Mon -
Fri; (Nov 15th - Mar 1st  ) - 7 days a week or
(please do not send PHI via email)

Physicians United Plan - PUP

 Please follow instructions below to begin your application:

1.      Compliance Training

First click on link  <> to review compliance training on;
HIPPA & HITECH Updates and Fraud & Abuse Awareness. You will be required to
answer a few questions on Fraud & Abuse in the application.

2.      Complete Agent Application

Once you have completed the compliance training click on the link below to
begin your PUP appointment application. You will need to complete this form
in its entirety or the system will not accept your application.

The online form includes the following sections:

o   Agent Code of Conduct

o   Fraud & Abuse (please review the online compliance training)

o   HIPPA Privacy & Security Rules

o   Interrogatories

o   Demographic Information (i.e. Insurance license number, contact
information, Driver's license number)

o   Background Check Form (you will need the address for your last 7 years
of residency)

The application will take approximately an hour to complete.

Please click here to access the link:


Please click continue to website if security certificate page appears, this
is a secure site

After PUP receives your application here's what will happen next:

1. You will receive an email confirming we have received your application.
PUP's Sales Administration Department will review your application for

2. We will confirm your completion of AHIP or Gorman training. Please fax a
copy of your   AHIP/Gorman certificate to 1-480-751-1547 or email to

3. Upon completion of our mandatory face to face benefit training, we will
notify the State of Florida of your appointment to sell PUP and you will be
issued your PUP ID number via email.

If you have any questions, please contact our Agent Hotline at 877-PLAN-PUP
(877-752-6787) or email us at  <>